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Alphabet blocks are a staple of any child’s first toy set. Their interesting and colorful designs are great for early development. Later on, the blocks can become a playful tool to help children master the basics of math and reading, all while letting their architectural imagination run wild. And when the kids have all grown up and moved on to other toys, they make for fun or stylish decorations that can be a throwback to those early days.

Needless to say, alphabet blocks can be a wonderful investment in your child’s future. But you can go the extra mile and find blocks that are made in the USA. Not only can you be sure that any paint or varnish on the blocks is safe for your child’s health, but by buying American made you’ll also be supporting US manufacturing jobs.

So, to make things easier, I’ve done the work for you and found the best alphabet blocks made in USA! I hope you find something you like!

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Wooden alphabet blocks made in the USA.

Nothing beats the look and soft feel of wooden blocks. Whether you like the soft brown of unpainted wood or more colorful designs, there are some wonderful options out there.

Uncle Goose

When it comes to making American made, wooden alphabet blocks, Uncle Goose definitely takes first place. No other manufacturer offers such a wide variety of languages and elegant designs. You can find almost any alphabet, from standard English, to Hebrew, Japanese or even Cherokee!

Taking it a step further, they have expanded on the standard alphabet block concept by adding educational blocks to their selection. Learn about dinosaurs, the solar system or even chemistry! Many of their blocks have different designs on each side, making them more beautiful and interesting, as well as adding to their educational value,

Uncle Goose cuts and prints their alphabet blocks in Michigan USA, using beautiful American Basswood grown in the Great Lakes area and ink from an American manufacturer, which is third-party tested for safety. Even their packaging is made in the USA!

Block size: 1.75 x 1.75 inches
Origin: Michigan, USA
Price: $1.5 – $2.5 per block

Bannor Toys

While not as expansive as Uncle Goose’s selection, Bannor Toys still offers a nice variety of alphabet blocks, as well as some educational sets with planets and animals. One thing that sets them apart from Uncle Goose is that, aside from their printed sets, they offer engraved blocks as well.

All their wooden blocks are made in Iowa, USA from responsibly sourced American hardwoods. Some of their sets do include silicone blocks, which, though tested for safety in the USA, are made in China.

Block size: 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Origin: Iowa, USA
Price: $2 – $4 per block

Maple Landmark

Lastly, we have Maple Landmark which offers just three sets of alphabet blocks. These include simple ABC blocks, a set with printed illustrations and an elaborately engraved set. While that last one will cost a pretty penny, they’re definitely the most intricately carved set I’ve come across!

All their blocks are made in Vermont, USA from locally harvested, high quality maple hardwood.

Block size: 1.75 x 1.75 inches
Origin: Vermont, USA
Price: $2.3 – $7 per block

Cardboard alphabet blocks made in the USA

While wooden blocks definitely take the cake when it comes to look and feel, cardboard has it’s own advantages. If you’re looking for larger yet cheaper blocks, cardboard can be a great option. As an added bonus your kids can grab their coloring pencils and make their set unique to them!

Bankers Box

Square cardboard alphabet blocks.

You might know Bankers Box from their moving and storage boxes, but they also offer some cardboard toys, including a set of large, sturdy alphabet blocks that are made in the USA.

Blocks size: 3 x 3 inches
Origin: USA
Price: $0.9 per block


Whether you want your blocks printed or engraved, large or small, simple or intricate, I think there’s definitely something for everybody when it comes to made in USA alphabet blocks.

The only thing I wasn’t able to find is plastic alphabet blocks. So if you find any or know of any other brand I missed, be sure to let me know! I did manage to find some plastic building blocks, about which you can read in my post on the best building blocks made in the USA.

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