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About Made By Liberty

Our vision

We believe that individual liberty is the most precious ideal on this earth. That you have the right to live your life according to your values and to design it in a way that ensures your happiness, provided you respect those same rights in others. Our ancestors have had to fight hard to give us the freedoms we enjoy. Even today, a lot of people don’t share these privileges. So we should not take them for granted. Now it’s up to us to pick up that torch and carry it forward. But how do we retain the freedoms we have and gain the ones we want? While there are many answers to that question, we have found the part we want to play.

Because we value individual liberty so highly, we are great proponents of the free market. It’s what allows us to choose how we make and spend our money, it unleashes the unbelievable creativity of inventors and entrepreneurs and created the extraordinary prosperity we have achieved over the last 200 years in many countries around the world. It has opened the world to us and gave us freedoms and luxuries our ancestors could only dream of. All of that was made possible through the power of voluntary exchange.

However, like any other form of liberty, it has to be used responsibly if it is to endure and be a source of good in the world. Unfortunately, we haven’t always done so, especially in the last several decades. Throughout the years, we, the inhabitants of free countries, have made ourselves more and more dependent on countries that don’t share our values of individual liberty. For the sake of lower prices and easy profits, we have destroyed our own manufacturing industries and moved our factories and expertise to other shores. It’s only recently that we discovered that by doing so, we have jeopardized the freedoms we took for granted.

Made By Liberty aims to reverse that course and create a free market that’s based on the values of liberty, respect and responsibility. Take a look at our goals to see how we plan to make that vision a reality.

Who are we?

Made By Liberty is a project launched by a small Belgian startup by the name of Sanguistar. But when we talk about who we are, we’re not talking about the company. We are talking about everyone involved in this journey. Because we need everyone, if any of us are to succeed. Without dedicated manufacturers, responsibly made products will never see the light of day. Without conscious consumers, the manufacturers couldn’t stay in business. And without the people working at Made By Liberty as well as those who support the project, it will never become more than just another idea.

This is something we don’t just want to be visible in a mission-statement or to be repeated at staff-meetings. This is something we want everyone who deals with us to experience firsthand. And we believe the key to that experience is straightforward: respect. Show everyone the respect that becomes a sovereign human being, be honest with them and deal with them in good faith. It’s that simple.

If you believe in the future we’re building and you want to be a part of the journey, join us. Whether you see yourself as a future customer/partner or can’t wait to actively help make this project a reality, there is a place for everyone.

A word from the founder.

I originally started Made By Liberty out of personal frustrations, about which you can read here if you’re interested. But all I basically wanted was a place online where I could shop with peace of mind. Where the offered products were made responsibly and the seller was honest about their origin. However, as I got more educated and I realized there’s a good reason such places don’t yet exist, my vision for the project became much broader.

We’re still at the beginning of what I believe will be a long and exciting journey. What we want to accomplish isn’t easy. The beautiful thing about it though, is that it will be achieved through the power of personal choice. It doesn’t depend on some scientific breakthrough or political decision, you can actually make a difference. So stick around and who knows, you might be surprised what individual choices and a relentless, optimistic spirit can accomplish!

Picture of Made By Liberty founder Robert