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About Made By Liberty

What we stand for.

We at Made By Liberty believe that individual liberty is one the most precious ideals in this world. Our right to live life according to our own values and to design it in a way that ensures our happiness. Our ancestors have had to fight hard to give us those freedoms and even today, a lot of people don’t share these privileges. So we should not take them for granted.

That’s why we believe that we, as free people, have the power and responsibility to create a freer and better world and that we can do so by taking small actions in our day to day lives.

Using the power to choose to make a difference.

There are many ways to do good, but one of the most effective tools we possess as ordinary citizens is the choice of how we spend our money. Your vote in elections, though important, might not have much of an impact and you can only give so much to charity. But chances are you will spend thousands of dollars, pounds or euro’s a year on all kinds of products, from food and clothing to cars or phones. If spent wisely, that money can have a huge positive impact!

The truth is that, with every purchase we make, we vote. We vote for one company over another, and for one government to receive their taxes over another. If we want to protect our freedoms and make sure everyone’s treated with human dignity, it’s important to buy our products from countries and companies that honor these values.

How we help.

But if we want to make a responsible choice, we have to know who we’re voting for. The days of buying from your local farmer or smithy are long gone and you generally have no idea where the products you buy come from or who makes them. That’s where we want to help.

We want to make it easy for you to find companies out there that are a force for good in the world. To decide which products we recommend, we look at three main aspects:

A word from the founder.

I originally started Made By Liberty out of personal frustrations, about which you can read here if you’re interested. All I basically wanted was a place online where I could shop with peace of mind. Where the offered products were made responsibly and the seller was honest about their origin. However, I soon realized that such a place didn’t exist. So I decided to do the next best thing: find responsibly made products myself and make them easy to find for other people as well.

Picture of Made By Liberty founder Robert