Ultimate buyer’s guide to women’s tops made in USA.

Over the last 50 years, a lot American apparel manufacturers have had to close their doors because of competition with manufacturers from low-wage countries. As a result, the few manufacturers that did survive often had to focus on more general items that are less labor intensive, like t-shirts.

That means that the selection you can get from a lot of American made clothing brands is a lot smaller than those of general retail stores. And while that’s not too bad for men, if you’re a woman who likes a little variety in your outfits that can a problem, especially when it comes to tops.

But lucky for you, if you know where to look, there are still a few places where you can get some nice selection of women’s tops made in the USA. And even better, we done the research for and listed them all right here!

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Our 2 favorite brands for American made women’s tops.

There are actually a lot of companies that still offer women’s tops made in the USA. Unfortunately, a lot of them only offer relatively small selections, which means you would have to go from website to website hunting for the perfect top, which isn’t the most pleasant shopping experience.

So we picked out the ones with the largest selections. That certainly doesn’t mean that they’re always the best in terms of quality, but they are a good place to start your search. If you don’t quite find what you’re looking for, or you’re in search of something specific, be sure to check out some of the brands further down the list!

1. Classy Cozy Cool: most variety

Classy Cozy Cool take our No. 1 spot because of the sheer variety of their selection. They offer some 400 different designs, with many of those available in a multiple colors! What also sets them apart is the fact that they have tops for all ages and styles, rather than a specific group, so there is something for everyone. So scrolling through their selection can feel a bit like looking for hidden treasures, you never know what the next page will bring. They also have some very affordable options, with prices ranging between $18 and $190.

With so many options you might think Classy Cozy Cool is a big company, but it’s in fact a small,online boutique started by one woman who wanted to make it easy for women to buy American made, while still having a lot of unique, affordable designs to choose from. That also means that all tops they sell are made in the USA.

Their only downside is that a lot of the fabrics used in their tops is based on polyester or rayon. Which, while similar to a lot of other tops you’ll find at big retailers, might not be for you if you prefer natural or more high quality fabrics. Also, not all their fabrics are made in the USA, though they do have special selection of all their clothing that’s made with American fabrics.

2. AMVI: best selection younger audience

For our second pick we have AMVI (American Made, Vintage Inspired), with almost 200 designs of American made women’s tops! They’re a brand by women, for women that makes all their clothing in California. So while their selection is smaller than Classy Cozy Cool, they do have some unique advantages.

For one, they’re more targeted to younger women (though they have plenty of options for older women as well), generally showing off a little more skin and curves. So if you’re shopping for a youthful look, AMVI is probably the better choice. Secondly, almost all their tops are made with cotton, which is generally considered the more comfortable fabric compared to polyester for example.

Price wise, they’re also very reasonable, ranging between $35 – $95. One thing we do think they could improve upon is their product descriptions, which often lack a lot of details. Sometimes even important ones like the type of fabric.

The complete list for women’s tops made in the USA

Below you can find all other brands we have found that make women’s top in the USA. We included a short description every time, as well as some key features, so you can have an idea whether they might interest you.


While Daydreamer is mainly known for their huge range of graphic and band tees, they also sell some tanks and other casual tops. All their tops are made in California from cotton fabrics milled in the USA.

Price range: $24 – $95

Earth Creations

Earth Creations is a great option if you value sustainability. Their women’s tops are made in the USA from either organic cotton or hemp, both of which more eco-friendly materials, and are dyed with low-impact dyes or even Earth Creations’ clay soaking method. Most of the tops feature a more tunic- or short dress design, with looser and comfortable fits.

Price range: $40 – $125

Groceries Apparel

Another great option in terms of sustainability, Groceries Apparel makes their tops in California from fabrics like organic cotton and eucalyptus/spandex blends. They dye their clothing using organic materials, a lot of which is derived from specific food waste collected from their local area. Their selection mainly features cute tank tops that show off a little skin.

Price range: $44 – $78


Even they have a smaller collection that includes a lot of t-shirt- and tunic-like designs, Spiritex is one of our favorite because they are 100% made in USA! All their tops are made from organic cotton grown in Texas, with the rest of the manufacturing entirely done in the Carolinas. They also have a large selection of graphic tees if that’s something you’re interested in.

Price range: $25 – $60

The Flag Shirt

As their name might suggest, The Flag Shirt exclusively sells patriotic- and flag-themed tops. Probably a little out there for a day at the office, but great for the 4th of July or if you’re in a particularly patriotic mood. Be aware though that not all their tops are made in the USA. We link you directly to the Made in USA collections, but it’s check the product description to be sure.

Price range: $35 – $75

We’re still adding to the list!

We’re continuously discovering more brands and adding them to the list, so check back regularly for new suggestions. And if you know of a company that isn’t on the list but should be, let us know in the comments below. We hope we were helpful in finding you the perfect American made top you never knew existed!

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