Privacy Policy

Concurrent with our values at Made By Liberty, we have written our privacy policy in plain English, so you can easily understand what happens with your data.

Who are we?

Made By Liberty is a project run by Sanguistar BV, a Belgian company. That means Sanguistar is responsible for handling your data correctly and according to applicable laws. So when we talk about “we” in the rest of the document, we’re talking about Sanguistar as a whole or its employees. When we’re talking about “you” we’re talking about users of our websites or our other services.

Our privacy first mentality.

Have you noticed that, when you first came onto our website, there was no pop-up asking you to accept the use of cookies? Well that’s because we don’t use any. We think the lack of privacy on the internet has become problematic over the years and we would like to count ourselves among those who are trying to fix that. That’s why, when we make decisions regarding privacy or the collection of user data, we start by asking ourselves three questions:

  • Do we really need the data we will be collecting?
  • Would users be alright with us collecting that data?
  • Do we have to use services or tools that do not meet our standards for privacy and security to collect the data?

If we have to answer “no” to any of these questions, we don’t collect the data. Is that always the easiest and most profitable decision? No, but it’s the right one.

What data do we collect?

1. While browsing our website.

Very little. Unlike many websites we don’t use any tracking software like Google Analytics to track you across the web, as we don’t think that’s any of our business. We do track how many views each of our web-pages or posts get by measuring how many request our servers get for each specific page. However, we can’t and don’t track those requests back to any individual users. They’re just statistics.

2. Information you submit to us.

In some cases you may voluntarily submit information to us, by subscribing to our newsletter for example or, in case of clients, information regarding you business. This can be your name, email address, country of residence, which emails you want to receive or any other information you supply. This information is linked to you personally as an individual profile is created for you specifically. This is necessary for our services to function properly (for example: we need to link your email address to your email preferences to make sure you don’t receive unwanted messages).

3. While sending emails.

When we send emails, we can and sometimes do use certain trackers. These are mainly used to measure interaction with the email (for example: whether you opened an email or clicked on a link inside it). While they are generally used to form statistics, they are linked to your email address. Why do we do this? For several reasons:

  • To see whether our emails are getting properly delivered. If we notice our emails are not getting opened, this might be a sign that our emails are landing in the spam- or promotion inbox. And since we don’t want you to miss any exciting news, we would like to make sure that doesn’t happen!
  • To see which emails are getting the best reaction. By studying the open- and click-through rates of emails, we can see which topics the community likes or which email formats are the most appealing.
  • To make sure you receive emails that are relevant to you. In this case we do use information gathered by trackers to customize your individual profile. If you consistently don’t open emails regarding a certain topic, or you stop opening our emails altogether, we might stop sending you messages on that topic or unsubscribe you from our email list. After all, we don’t want to clutter your inbox. While we can do this manually, most of it happens automatically.

These trackers don’t follow you once you exited the email, either through a link or by closing it. Their sole purpose is to see how you interact with the email itself.

What we use data for?

Most of the ways we use data are already mentioned above, but let’s recap:

  • To see which one of our pages/post gets the most visits.
  • To manage our email list. This includes monitoring whether our emails are getting delivered properly and remove inactive subscribers.
  • To measure how people in general or you individually react to our content, so we can adjust what types of content we create or send out to you.
  • For statistical and marketing purposes. We can use these statistics to evaluate our own business strategy, as well as share it with clients or news outlets. Take a look the next section what data we share exactly.
  • In case of clients and partners: to run our business operations and assist you in those areas covered by our cooperation.

Who do we share data with?

Let’s get this straight out of the way: we do not share or sell your personal data with anyone. Any data we share with other parties is in statistical form and is not meant to provide information that can be traced back to a specific person or company. We might share statistical data to the following parties:

  • News outlets or the public in general: provide statistics that might be interesting to the general public or specific groups.
  • (potential) Partners of Made by Liberty: our goal is to help companies that make and sell responsibly made products. In order to help them make proper business decisions or assist them in marketing their products, we can share relevant information and statistics.

We are not in the business of collecting or selling data. We only share data if we believe it well affect good in the world.

Exception: In case of a governmental mandate we may be forced to share personal data with authorities. However, since we collect so little of it, it’s highly unlikely that this will occur. Additionally, we are registered in the EU, a region with some of the most stringiest privacy rules in the world.

Who owns your data?

You do! That means that, at any moment, you can ask us to remove any personal data we have on you and we will have to comply to the best of our abilities. This applies both to users of our websites and other services as well as to clients we work directly with. Of course this is limited to data that we can personally track back to you. We can’t adjust statistical data that was possibly impacted by your interactions.

If you would like us to delete your data, just send us a message at [email protected] .


  • Personal data we are required to keep because of a governmental mandate. As mentioned earlier, it’s highly unlikely that this will occur as we collect so little. Additionally, we are registered in the EU, a region with some of the most stringiest privacy rules in the world.
  • Data we need for tax- and accounting purposes.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us on social media or by emailing us at [email protected] . We’ll gladly assist you!