Where to find patriotic tank tops made in the USA.

While writing our blog post on American made patriotic t-shirts, we had a thought: what about patriotic tank tops made in the USA? Sometimes you might want to show off your love for the good ole USA in a sleeveless style, especially when it starts to get hot outside.

Weirdly enough we hadn’t come across many during our previous research, so we decided to do a deep dive. And turns, spoiler alert, not many exist. And the ones that do are sometimes hard to find. So we decided to put them together in a post in order for others to find them a little more easily. Hopefully it’s helpful to you!

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The only American made patriotic tank tops for men we could find.

When it comes to American made patriotic tank tops for men, we found depressingly few of them. In fact, we found only one company, that sells only two designs…

That company is Freedom Fatigues, a veteran- and first responder owned and operated company, founded by former police officer Chris Vargo who also served in the military and started the brand in 2018 while healing from a spinal injury.

Unfortunately they’re the only option we’ve come across, but luckily they actually offer a quality product. The tanks are 100% made in the USA, from the growing of the cotton and knitting of the fabric to the final sewing and printing. They’re made from 100% cotton, available in sizes S to 2XL and cost a reasonable $29.95.

In case you don’t like their designs, I recommend you check out our blog post on tank tops made in the USA (though these don’t have patriotic designs), or our post on American made patriotic t-shirts, where you’ll find more options. If you know of any other brands that offer American made patriotic tank tops for men, be sure to let us know!

Women’s patriotic tank tops made in USA.

Fortunatly, for women there are a lot more options to choose from when looking for American made patriotic tanks, though still not quite as much as we thought. Below we listed the brands we found and give you some hopefully useful information like fabric type and origin, price, available sizes, as well as some pictures so you can get an idea of their style.

1. Freedom Fatigues

Though we wouldn’t necessarily say that Freedom Fatigues is our number one pick in terms of their designs (there are some pretty unique ones further down the list), they do have some qualities that we think add a lot of value to the brand, as mentioned above.

For one thing, the company is veteran- and first responder owned and operated, with founder Chris Vargo retiring from the police force in 2018 after a spinal injury, as well as having served in the military. Secondly they’re the only brand we know of that makes their patriotic tank tops in the USA from American made fabrics. Even the cotton they use is grown in the USA!

For their muscle tanks they use a soft bamboo/cotton blend, while their other tanks tops are made from a poly/cotton/rayon blend. Their size availability differ slightly too from item to item, though most are available in sizes XS to 2XL. All their tanks go for $29.95.

2. Red White Blue Apparel

Another good choice is Red White Blue Apparel. They sell a number of patriotic tank tops with fairly neutral prints, like the American flag, quotes or other USA-themed designs.

The tank tops are sewn and printed in the USA from a 50/50 poly cotton blend, though we don’t know where the fabric comes from. They’re the cheapest option we found with all their tanks going for $26 a piece, though they can go as low as $12 on sale, with sizes going from Small to 2XL.

3. Classy Cozy Cool

While they’re not really a patriotic apparel company, we felt Classy Cozy Cool was worth mentioning as they offer something a little different compared to the other brands. Their patriotic tank tops are a little more subtle and feminine which allows you to express your your love for America with a little more style. You could basically wear all of them as day-to-day clothing without looking like you’re making a statement.

Just like all clothing they sell, Classy Cozy Cool patriotic tank tops are made in the USA, either from polyester or rayon. Unfortunately we don’t know the origin of the fabrics themselves. Their more dark colored designs seen below are available in sizes up to 3XL, with the fancier tanks only going up to a Large. Price-wise, they’re pretty similar to the previously mentioned brands at $26 to $32.

4. The Flag Shirt

Lastly, we have The Flag Shirt company, which offer several tank tops that fit their name pretty well as, with all their designs featuring the Stars and Stripes. They’re quite different from all the other brands we talked about, with their colorful designs that almost make you feel like you’re wearing the American flag. Maybe not the most subtle tank tops to wear (some even feature rhinestone stars!), but a lot of fun to wear on the 4th of July on days where you feel particularly patriotic.

Their patriotic tank tops are cut and sewn in the USA from a polyester-spandex blend, though we don’t currently know where their fabrics are sourced from. In terms of price they’re more on the expensive side, generally ranging between $35 and $45. They do offer plenty of sizes though, from XS to 3XL.

Note: Not all Flag Shirt tank tops are made in the USA. We link you directly to the Made in USA collection, but check the product pages to be sure.

Help us expand the list!

Hopefully we were able to help you find the perfect tank top to help you express your love for those stars and stripes. But we’d love to be able to add some more brands to the list, especially for men, so if there’s a brand we missed, let us know in the comments below or send us a message!

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