Best Halloween costumes made in the USA for a truly American spooky season.

Whether you’re looking for Halloween costumes for your kids’ evening of trick or treating, or want to stand out yourself during a spooky October party, we have assembled the best American made Halloween costumes and accessories available on the internet.

Girl dressed in Halloween costume standing in front of American flag.

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Temporary tattoos made in America.

Not a hero with the paint brush? Not to worry, Temporary Tattoos has got you covered. They make over 7 million temporary tattoos daily in their factory in Arizona, USA. Not surprising, they give both children as well as adults plenty of options for their perfect Halloween costume.

Face paint by Ruby Red.

When it’s time to go trick or treating, you want your child to not only look the part, but be safe as well. The face-and body-paints from Ruby Red are hypoallergenic, FDA compliant, parable-free, child toy safety rated and of course made in the USA.

Wooden toy weapons by Sturdiguns

Is your child dressing as a pirate, soldier, knight or just a princess who can take care of herself? Then Sturdiguns provides a range of toy weapons that will complement the outfit perfectly. They offer everything from toy swords and shields to muskets and laser rifles.

Not only great for Halloween, they’re fun toys for any other day as well. They’re made of sturdy wood and, of course, made in the USA.

Kids’ costumes by Jack Be Nimble

We’ve got to be honest, these are some of our favorites. When we started looking for children’s Halloween costumes made in the USA, we figured we’d have to settle for some accessories at best, but not so!

Jack Be Nimble is a small company based in Asheville, North Carolina and makes absolutely adorable kid’s costumes. Most of these are centered around wearable wings, such as butterfly-, dragon- or fairy wings, but they also offer several other costumes and fun accessories to go along with them.

All products are made from quality materials such as cotton and linen. No thin polyester here that you can throw in the trash on November first.

Let’s keep adding to the list!

I hope you found something to help you celebrate Halloween this year! Unfortunately, as you noticed the number of available options is still quite small.

So if you know of a company that makes Halloween costumes that we haven’t listed here, be sure to tell us about it in the comments! We will also be on the constant lookout, so be sure to revisit this post for updates.

If you’re interested, you can also check out our post on some of our favorite American made Halloween decorations to put your house in a spooky mood.

Happy haunting!

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