A buyer’s guide to women’s wallets made in the USA

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When you’re looking for a made in USA wallet, you’re not just looking for convenience, you’re looking for a statement piece that exudes the style and quality of American craftsmanship.

In this post, we’ll take you on a tour through the world of American-made women’s wallets, where beauty meets utility and sustainability. From the bustling workshop filled with skilled artisans where it was created to its enchanting design, each wallet tells a unique story of creativity and craftsmanship that’s deeply rooted in the proud tradition of Made in USA.

So, whether you’re a trendsetter or a conscious shopper, join us on this journey to find the perfect American made women’s wallet. Let’s find the perfect companion for your daily life or a night out, all while supporting American jobs, local talent and making an eco-friendly choice!

Our top picks for women’s wallets made in USA.

There are actually quite a lot of brands that make their wallets in the USA, but very few of them offer large selections of wallets especially tailored to women. To save you some time we’ve picked out the brands that offer the best American made women’s wallets out there.

Because each has their own strengths and what style you prefer is ultimately up to you, we’ve ranked them alphabetically. Hopefully there’s something that catches your eye!

Ace Leather Goods

Assortment of leather women's wallets with optional shoulder straps by Ace Leather Goods.

If you’re looking for leather clutches, Ace Leather Goods is definitely worth checking out. They offer a selection of women’s wallet, all of which are made in the USA, but what really sets them apart is their clutches decorated with tooled leather medallions. They’re the only American made wallets available of this kind.

The clutches also come with plenty of storage space, featuring 6 card slots, 2 full pockets for cash or checkbooks, a zippered pocket on the inside for a phone or glasses and one on the outside for coins or other small items.

Price Range: $89 – $170
Materials: oil tanned cowhide (leather)
Origin materials: unknown
Manufactured in: Washington

Blair Ritchey

Blair Ritchey is a women’s luxury brand that, while mainly selling bags, also offers some American made card cases and small zip wallets.

They might be worth checking out if you’re looking for something to just store some cards or coins, though they’re rather expensive compared to most other women’s wallet listed here.

Price Range: $112 – $120
Materials: leather
Origin materials: unknown
Manufactured in: New York, Illinois

Buffalo Billfold Company

Small brown and black leather snap wallets from Buffalo Billfold.

The Buffalo Billfold company has been making wallets in the USA since 1972 and uses mainly full grain bison leather sourced from American prairies and tanneries.

They offer a selection of women’s wallets which includes several clutches available in black, brown or red. But you can also find more traditional bifolds, coin purses or card cases if that’s what you’re looking for.

Their clutches come in several configurations, with some having coin pockets or room for a checkbook, while others are focused on giving you plenty of space for bills and cards. So depending on your specific needs you can choose a size and style that works best for you.

Price Range: $40 – $125
Materials: full grain bison leather
Origin materials: 95% USA, 5% Canada
Manufactured in: Minnesota


If what you’re looking for is charming little women’s wallets made in the USA, Casupo is a good place to start. While they don’t make larger clutches, they offer smaller wallets with a feminine touch to them.

This mainly comes through in the wider range of colors and patterns they offer, rather than the usual brown and black, but also in their designs.

Their cute envelope wallets with suede lining are a great example of this. It offers space enough to store plenty of cards and cash, while still looking like a classy pouch.

They’re also one of the few companies that offer American made RFID blocking women’s wallets.

Price Range: $48 – $60
Materials: Full grain leather
Origin materials: imported and domestic (upcycled)
Manufactured in: California

Cinda B

Cinda B is primarily known for their bags, but do sell a small collection of made in USA women’s wallets as well. The wallets are made from vegan leather and poly/nylon fabrics, making them a great option if you prefer a vegan wallet.

Their designs mainly consist of various zip around clutches with plenty of card and cash slots on the inside.

Price Range: $22 – $75
Materials: vegan leather and poly/nylon fabrics
Origin materials: unknown
Manufactured in: Indiana

Couch Guitar Straps

Female hand holding green vinyl clutch wallet with snap closure by Couch.

Couch wallets are handcrafted in the USA from vintage vinyl, making for some very fun and colorful patterns. The vinyl is sourced from old stocks, so you won’t find many of the designs anywhere else.

They offer a whole range of bifold wallets that are suitable for both men and women, as well as a special collection of clutches.

Their clutch design comes with 4 card slots, two pockets that can be used to store cash or even your phone and a zip pocket on the outside perfect for putting smaller items like keys or coins.

Price Range: $26 – $56
Materials: vinyl
Origin materials: unknown (vintage deadstock)
Manufactured in: California

Crystalyn Kae

Women's clutch wallet made from soft, fur orange fabric by Crystalyn Kae.

Crystalyn Kae makes beautiful, American made women’s wallets from upcycled leathers and fabrics. Because they only have a limited stock of many of their materials, many of their designs are limited editions and feature unique patterns you won’t find anywhere else.

Their large women’s valet pouches don’t feature any card slots, but rather function as a miniature purse that can hold your phone, glasses as well as card cases or smaller pouches to hold your cash and cards. Their larger clutches on the other hand do have some inside pockets.

Price Range: $24 – $185
Materials: fabrics and vegan leathers
Origin materials: unknown (upcycled)
Manufactured in: Washington and New York

Holtz Leather

Leather women's wallets made in USA in various colors by Holtz Leather.

Holtz Leather is a family-owned and -operated business that makes all their wallets in the USA from American sourced full-grain leathers. They have great options for both men and women, but offer an especially beautiful selection of clutches.

Their pocketbook clutches come in 2 figuration, each features 4 card slots, one large money pocket, and a checkbook compartment. The envelope clutches are available in a beautiful array of colors and come with just one compartment, but can be purchased with an insert that holds 4 card pockets and 1 large pocket that fits unfolded cash.

Price Range: $39 – $153
full grain leather
Origin materials:
Manufactured in: Alabama

R. Riveter

Woman holding black cavas zipper pouch made in USA by R Riveter.

All R Riveter’s wallets are made in the USA by military spouses. The company was created because they usually find it difficult to find work, as they often have to relocate because of their husband’s job. R Riveter allows them to work from anywhere, giving them both the flexibility and income they need.

R Riveter offers several women’s wallets including smaller pouches, canvas zip pouches and beautiful leather clutches. Their 1973 wallet especially is a classy little design, perfect if you don’t have a lot to carry.

Their 1963 on the the other hand is a gorgeous clutch with 6 card slots, a large compartment for storing cash or a checkbook, an inside zipper pouch and external card holder on the back

Price Range: $28 – $128
leather and canvas
Origin materials:
Manufactured in: USA

Any American made women’s wallets we missed?

These are all the brands that offer a substantial collection of made in USA women’s wallets. There are a number of other brands out there, but they generally have offer very few feminine designs or offer more unisex options like trucker wallets.

That said, if there’s a brand you really like that we didn’t mention and you think should be on the list, be sure to let us know!

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