The best RFID blocking wallets made in the USA.

Unfortunately, many of us are very aware of the prevalent danger of credit card and identity theft. One of the latest methods of stealing your data is RFID scanning. This involves a thief building an electronic scanner that can read the data on your cards without ever having to get hold of it.

To prevent this people have started to look for ways to protect themselves and their data. So in this article we briefly go over what RFID is, what it’s risks are and then we will list our favorite brands that make RFID wallets in the USA.

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Why buy an RFID blocking wallet?

You might have heard of RFID but don’t quite know what it is or what the potential dangers might be. So let’s briefly go over how it works and what the potential risks are.

What is RFID?

RFID is short for radio-frequency identification. It uses electromagnetic fields to allow a reader to collect information stored on a tag and is used in a variety applications, one of which is contact-less payments. In this case the payment terminal (the reader) reads information from your credit card (the tag) to complete a transaction.

Why would you need an RFID blocking wallet?

The problem with RFID is that it isn’t very secure. This means that anyone with the proper reader can interact with your credit card or steal data without actually having to hold it. Provided they can get close enough to you, they could theoretically steal your money while your wallet is still in your pocket.

That’s where RFID wallets come in. By inserting certain materials into your wallet, a kind of protective cage can be formed around your cards to prevent theft.

Do I really need an RFID wallet?

Honestly, probably not. Theft through RFID isn’t very common and a lot of cards are not susceptible to these kinds of readers. It’s far more likely that your credit card data will get stolen by someone physically getting hold of your card or through online means.

So if you’re not getting the wallet you really want just because it doesn’t have RFID protection, don’t worry about it too much and just get one that you like. For that I highly recommend checking out our full source lists of American made wallets.

If you still want a little extra safety, what you can also do is buy an RFID blocking card sleeve. This a cheaper option and allows you to choose any wallet you want while still being protected. Their downside is that they’re more of a hassle to use.

But, in case you want the ease and security of an RFID blocking wallet, we’ve compiled a list of the best American made wallets available!

Fabric and leather RFID wallets made in USA

Fabric or leather RFID blocking wallets feature an special lining, often some sort of metallic foil, which create a protective cage around your cards.

Allett: minimalist leather and fabric wallets

Allett makes durable, minimalist wallets out of leather, as well as water- and tear-proof nylon in California, USA. Most of their wallets feature an RFID blocking lining and they make it easy to see which ones by ‘RFID security’ tag on the shop pages.

Allett’s wallets come in a variety of configurations, so if you’re looking for a thin, durable wallet, you’ll definitely find something that suits your needs.

Price Range: $24 – $62
Materials: top-grain Nappa leather, nylon
Origin materials: unknown

Casupo: best women’s RFID wallets made in USA

If you’re looking for slightly more feminine and compact designs, Casupo makes a several RFID wallets and card cases in the USA. Not all of them are RFID blocking though, so check the product titles and images to be sure.

They use full grain leather that’s often repurposed from other California factories and their designs offer some more colorful options, while giving you classic and practical designs.

Price Range: $48 – $60
Materials: Full grain leather
Origin materials: imported

Flowfold: fabric card wallets from Maine

When it comes to affordable RFID wallets made in USA, Flowfold is a great option. They’re made from a lightweight, recycled polyester fabric called EcoPak and feature a copper lining to keep you protected. While their RFID collection is fairly small, it covers all basic designs and comes in several colors.

All Flowfold wallets are cut and stitched in Maine. Their RFID blocking designs are made from imported fabric, but they also sell wallets made from US-sourced sailcloth.

Price Rage: $20 – $50
Materials: EcoPak recycled polyester
Origin materials: Woven in Thailand, laminated in China

Rogue Industries: leather front pocket wallets and American made RFID sleeves

When it comes to leather RFID wallets made in USA, there really is no better choice than Rogue Indutries, a family owned workshop in Maine. They include their Walletguard RFID protection in all their American made front pocket wallets.

Aside from their patented front-pocket wallet designs, what also sets Rogue Industries apart is their huge variety of leathers. Everything from bison, salmon, deer and even alligator!

In addition, Rogue offers American made RFID blocking card- and even passport sleeves in a several designs which will keep you protected for less than $5.

Be aware that Rogue also sells some items imported from India and bifold wallets without RFID protection. So always check the product description, they’ll state clearly whether the wallet is made in the USA and includes RFID protection.

Price Rage: $59 – $73
Materials: various leathers
Origin materials: USA (bison, bovine, alligator, deer), Canada (moose), Iceland (salmon)

Slimfold: ultra lightweight wallets

Slimfold makes ultra lightweight, waterproof, minimalist wallets in California. Not a single one of Slimfold’s designs exceeds 1oz in weight or 5mm in thickness and almost all of them feature an RFID blocking lining.

They offer designs with space for up to 20 cards, so if you’re looking for an American made RFID wallet that’s durable and spacious, but also minimalist and lightweight, Slimfold is definitely worth checking out.

Price Rage: $25 – $56
Materials: polyester fabrics
Origin materials: USA (Tyvek), unknown (Soft Shell)

Metal RFID wallets made in USA

Unlike leather or fabric wallets, metal wallets often don’t need a special lining as they’re RFID blocking by nature as the metal of the wallet itself creates the protective cage.

Dango Products

Dango offers minimalist metal wallets with or without leather coverings. They feature a lot modular designs with accessories that can be added to your liking.

Their wallets are CNC machined and assembled entirely in the USA. Most are made from aluminum, but if you’re looking for something a little more premium, you can check out their titanium wallets.

Most of Dango’s wallets with full metal cases are by nature RFID protected; but for those that consist of only a frame, Dango offers RFID blocking cards you can insert in front and back of the wallet to keep you secure.

Price Range: $20 – $299
Materials: aluminum, titanium, steel, potential leather cover
Origin materials: Italy (leather), unknown (metals)


Grip6 makes minimalist card wallets in their own factory in Ohio, USA. Because they’re made of aluminum, they’re RFID blocking by nature.

They come with an optional finger loop or money band, so you can make them as slim or bulky as you like.

Do keep in mind that you have to get their aluminum wallets, not the carbon fiver ones, and that cards stored in the moneyband might not be RFID protected.

Price Rage: $59 – $73
Materials: aluminum
Origin materials: USA


Trayvax makes metal card wallets finished with high quality Horween leather detailing.

Because they’re made of metal, the wallets are naturally RFID resistant, though less so if they consist merely of a frame rather than a full metal cover. Generally you can expect around 80 to 95 percent RFID protection from a Trayvax wallet. This can be increased by adding RFID blocking cards.

Trayvax wallets are manufactured in Washington state, USA and come with plenty of additional features such as integrated money clips, bottle openers and more.

Price Rage: $25 – $220
Materials: titanium, brass, stainless steel, leather detailing
Origin materials: USA (leather, steel), unknown (titanium brass)

Any American made RFID wallets we missed?

Those are all the brands that offer a substantial collection of American made RFID blocking wallets. Hopefully you found something that suits you. There are some other options out there, but they generally have very few options or rely on you adding other RFID blocking technology, such as cards, to your wallet.

That said, if there’s a brand you really like that we didn’t mention, be sure to let us know!

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