Wallets made in USA: the complete list

Man crafting leather wallet made in USA.

Your wallet, it’s almost a part of you. You carry it around everywhere you go, its content allows you to buy yourself or a loved a well deserved treat and when you lose it, your day is probably ruined.

For such a personal item, whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, you want something that’s comfortable to carry around, pleasing to the eye and durable enough to last a long time. To help you find exactly that we’ve compiled the ultimate list of made in USA wallets.

All brands listed here make their wallets in the USA and, wherever possible, we’ve also included the origin of the raw materials used. You’ll find everything from handcrafted bison bifolds, to minimalist money clips, elegant clutches, aluminum card holders and much more.

We’ve also included some images with each brand, so you can easily find the perfect American made wallet you’re looking for.

The ultimate made in USA wallets list

Ace Leather Goods

While Ace Leather Goods do offer some men’s wallets, what sets them apart is their clutches with tooled leather medallions. They’re the only available American made wallets of this kind.

Origin leather: unknown
Manufactured in: Washington


Allett specializes in durable, minimalist wallets made out of leather and water- and tear-proof nylon. Many of their wallets are also RFID blocking.

Origin leather and nylon: unknown
Manufactured in: California


A workshop in Omaha that offers a small collection of full grain leather card holders as well as bifold- and snap wallets.

Origin leather: mostly USA
Manufactured in: Nebraska

Ashland Leather

Ashland Leather is a small leather workshop located in Chicago that was founded by two long-time Horween tannery workers, as a result all Ashland wallets are made exclusively with premium American Horween leather.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Illinois

Awl Snap

A women’s owned and operated workshop that makes a small collection of leather wallets for women, including clutches and coin pouches.

Origin leather: mostly USA and Italy
Manufactured in: Virginia


Moving away from more common wallet designs, Billykirk mainly makes leather card cases and zip wallets.

Origin leather: USA and imported (check product description)
Manufactured in: New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Blair Ritchey

Blair Ritchey is a women’s luxury brand that mainly sells American made bags, but also some card cases and small zip wallets.

Origin leather: unknown
Manufactured in: New York, Illinois

Bradley Mountain

Bradley Mountain makes all typical men’s wallet designs such as bifolds, card cases and passport wallets in natural brown and olive leathers.

Origin leather: Italy
Manufactured in: Tennessee

Buffalo Billfold Company

The Buffalo Billfold company has been making wallets in the USA since 1972. Now their products are made with full grain bison leather which is sourced from American prairies and tanneries. In addition to traditional wallets, they also offer coin purses, card cases and more.

Origin leather: 95% USA, 5% Canada
Manufactured in: Minnesota

Bullhide Belts

For a company that has belts as part of their name, Bullhide belts offers a surprisingly large and varied collection of wallets and money clips. They’re one of the few companies that offer American made wallets in truly exotic leathers such as elephant, shark, ostrich, hippopotamus, etc. Additionally, you’ll find a large selection of magnetic money clips made in the USA, which are quite rare.

Origin leather: USA (exotic leathers), unknown (cow leathers)
Manufactured in: Indiana, Ohio

Bynder Leather Goods

Bynder Leather Goods is a one-person studio located in Dallas, Texas where all wallets are handcrafted by the owner. The selection includes great options for both men and women with everything from minimalist card holders to clutch style wallets. What’s sets them apart is their range of colorful and patterned designs.

Origin leather: unknown
Manufactured in: Texas


Focusing on sustainability, Casupo makes their wallets, money clips and card cases from vegetable tanned and upcycled leather. They offer both more neutral colors, as well as more brightly colored designs.

Origin leather: international
Manufactured in: California

Cinda B

Cinda B is primarily known for their bags, but do sell a small collection of women’s wallets in vegan leather and poly/nylon fabrics. Just like all their products, Cinda B’s wallets are made in the USA.

Origin fabric and leather: unknown
Manufactured in: Indiana

Colonel Littleton

Taking inspiration from the Old West, Colonel Littleton wallets feature classic Americana designs and US-sourced steer, buffalo and even alligator leathers. All wallets are made in the USA by the Colonel and his team in the small town of Lynnville, Tennessee.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Tennessee

Coronado Leather

Coronado Leather has been around since 1981 and operate out of their San Diego based workshop. All their wallets are made in the USA from premium American Horween and bison leathers. Their hardware is largely sourced from Europe, mainly Italy and Spain.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: California

Couch Guitar Straps

Couch handcrafts their wallets in the USA from vintage vinyl, making for some very fun and colorful designs. They mostly make snap wallets, but do have some more minimalist card cases as well.

Origin vinyl: unknown (vintage deadstock)
Manufactured in: California

Crystalyn Kae

Crystalyn Kae makes beautiful women’s wallets from upcycled leathers and fabrics. Because they only have a limited stock of many of their materials, many of their designs are limited editions and feature unique patterns you won’t find anywhere else.

Origin materials: unknown (upcycled)
Manufactured in: Washington and New York

Dango Products

Dango offers minimalist aluminum wallets with or without leather coverings. They set themselves apart by having modular designs with accessories that can be added to your liking. It isn’t entirely clear whether all their wallets are made in the USA, so be sure to check the product descriptions.

Origin aluminum: unknown
Manufactured in: USA

Disc Studio

Affordable leather card cases made responsibly in San Fransisco, USA.

Origin leather: Italy
Manufactured in: California

Ezra Arthur

A four brother team that’s honoring their grandfather’s name by making beautiful, heirloom quality wallets in their own facility in Phoenix, using premium American leather.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Arizona


While offering quite a limited selection, Filson is the only company to make wallets in the USA with a combination of heavy twill and leather.

Origin materials: leather (USA), twill (imported)
Manufactured in: USA

Flipside Wallets

Flipside Wallets offers only one wallet: the Flipside 4. Made in the USA from high strength polymer with aluminum alloy card slots, it features a spring loaded design that flips the wallet open at a the push of a button, plenty of storage space, a money clip, as well as built in RFID protection.

Origin materials: unknown
Manufactured in: USA


When it comes to affordable fabric wallets made in USA, Flowfold is a great option. Their wallets, card cases and clutches are lightweight, extremely durable and available in subtle as well as brighter colors.

Origin materials: sailcloth (USA/Germany), EcoPak (Thailand/China)
Manufactured in: Maine

Fox Creek

Just like the leather biker gear they’re known for, Fox Creek’s wallets are all made in the USA. They offer all the basics like bifolds and trifolds, but also some unique chained wallets.

Origin leather: USA and imported
Manufactured in: USA

Green Guru Gear

Green Guru makes all their products, including their wallets, in the USA from upcycled materials, such as inner bike tubes and vinyl from billboards or banners.

Origin materials: recycled materials from across the USA
Manufactured in: Colorado, Washington


Grip6 makes aluminum and carbon fiber card wallets that feature an easy spring system to quickly access your cards. They come with an optional finger loop or money band, so you can make them as slim or bulky as you like.

Origin materials: USA (aluminum), unknown (carbon fiber)
Manufactured in: Utah

Hard Luck Designs

Hard Luck Designs is a one-man studio run by Jarod Baas. He makes all his leather products himself and offers extensive customization options. So if you’re looking for an American made wallet with a personalized design, this can be great option.

Origin leather: Europe
Manufactured in: USA

Hawkins & Co

New to the world of leather wallets, Hawkins & Co is a veteran owned and operated studio that makes stunning trucker wallets with gorgeous seals, as well as smaller but unique designs.

Origin leather: USA, Italy (camo)
Manufactured in: Pennsylvania


Hell-Bent is a veteran-owned company that makes aluminum wallets with a unique design invented by the founder and titanium money clips in a variety of designs. All of which are made in their own workshop in Mayfield, Kentucky from American sourced materials.

Origin materials: USA
Manufactured in: Kentucky

Holtz Leather

Holtz Leather is a family owned and operated business that makes their wallets in the USA from American full-grain leathers. They have great options for both men and women, with a beautiful selection of clutches.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Alabama

Lifetime Leather

A small workshop in Arizona that makes a wide range of quality leather goods, among which are a selection of wallet, card cases and money clips.

Origin leather: USA and imported
Manufactured in: Arizona

Main Street Forge

Main Street Forge’s motto is “We still make ’em like they used to”. To them that means that there wallets are made in USA from American leather and that each one comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: USA

Mitchell Leather

Mitchell Leather is a small, family-owned and operated leather workshop that makes beautifully embossed wallets and money clips from premium American leather. They can be embossed with their seal, as well as your initials.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Wisconsin

North St. Bags

As their name would suggests, North St. Bags mainly makes bags and backpacks, but they use the leftover pieces of fabric to make limited edition wallets in a wide range of colors.

Origin fabrics: USA
Manufactured in: Oregon

North Star Leather

When it comes to affordable American made leather wallets, few can beat North Star Leather. They’ve been active since 1969 and have traditionally focused on wholesale, which meant they’ve had to be competitive on pricing. So while they might lack some premium features of other brands, they offer excellent value for money.

Origin leather: USA and imported
Manufactured in: South Carolina


While mostly known for their bags, Nutsac also offers a small selection of leather wallets. Just like their bags, the wallets are made in the USA with American materials.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Illinois/Florida


Origin card wallets are cut and sewn in Maine from Maine-tanned leather. They mainly make one design with 4 card slots.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Maine

Over Under Clothing

While most products offered by Over Under Clothing are imported, their wallets are made in the USA and include some interesting leather like bison and rattlesnake.

Origin leather: USA (Horween), unknown (rattlesnake. bison)
Manufactured in: USA

Pingree Detroit

As a worker-owned company, Pingree makes all its wallets in Detroit from upcycled leather sourced from the local car industry, making for sustainable and colorful choices.

Origin leather: unknown (upcycled)
Manufactured in: Michigan

Queen City

Queen City is best known for their American made house shoes, but they also offer a small selection of leather wallets for both men and women.

Origin leather: unknown
Manufactured in: Vermont

Range Leather

Range Leather makes all their wallets from premium American Horween leather. While their selection is relatively small, it covers all main designs you might be looking for: money clips, bifold, clutches and card cases.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Wyoming

Recycled Firefighter

All Recycled Firefighter wallets are made by Jake, a firefighter for over 10 years, with either recycled fire hoses or American made nylon. Most popular is his ‘Sergeant’ minimalist card holder, but he also offers bifold wallets; all available in a plethora of colors and patterns.

Origin materials: USA
Manufactured in: Kentucky

Red Clouds Collective

Red Clouds Collective’s wallets are handmade to order in Portland, Oregon from vegetable tanned leather sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in the USA.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Oregon

Rogue Industries

What sets Rogue Industries apart is not only their patented front-pocket wallet designs, but also the variety of leathers they’re available in. Everything from bison, salmon, deer and even alligator! Be aware that Rogue sells some imported items too, so check the product page for made in USA or Made in Maine.

Origin leather: USA (bison, bovine, alligator, deer), Canada (moose), Iceland (salmon)
Manufactured in: Maine

Rose Anvil

As a small workshop in Utah, Rose Anvil makes a small selection of leather wallets and card cases. What sets them apart is the round corners and shapes in their designs.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Utah

R. Riveter

Made across the USA by military spouses, R Riveter offers leather women’s wallets in a range of colors and sizes, from classy clutches, to cute pouches.

Origin leather: unknown
Manufactured in: USA


Ultra lightweight, waterproof, minimalist wallets made in the USA. Not a single one of Slimfold’s designs exceeds 1oz in weight or 5mm in thickness.

Origin materials: USA (Tyvek), unknown (Soft Shell)
Manufactured in: California

SPEC-OPS brand

Durable nylon tactical pouches and wallets made in USA for those with more adventurous or practical tastes.

Origin materials: unknown
Manufactured in: USA


With it’s roots all the way back in 1867 Germany, Speidel has been creating jewelry for over 150 years! While cheap imports have forced them to shift a lot of their production overseas, they do still offer some products that are made in the USA. Among which are a selection of premium, yet affordable brass and silver money clips. Ideal for if you want a more classic, high-end look.

Origin materials: unknown
Manufactured in: Rhode Island

Tanner Goods

Durable nylon tactical pouches and wallets made in USA for those with more adventurous or practical tastes.

Origin materials: unknown
Manufactured in: Minnesota or Florida


Metal card wallets finished with high quality Horween leather detailing. They come with plenty of additional features such as integrated money clips, bottle openers and RFID protection.

Origin materials: USA (leather), unknown (metals)
Manufactured in: Washington

Waltzing Matilda

WM is a small workshop in Maine that offers two wallet designs, a bifold and minimalist card case.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: Maine

Whiteknuckler Brand

While more known for their outdoor knives, WhiteKnuckler Brand also sells a small range of leather wallets.

Origin leather: USA
Manufactured in: USA


The leather Wobo wallet is a patented, versatile money clip design. They’re hand sewn in the USA and can be customized with up to 6 characters.

Origin leather: unknown
Manufactured in: North Carolina

Any American made wallets we missed?

Hopefully you found something you liked! We did, and continue to do, a lot of research to try and find all made in USA wallets, but some might still have escaped us.

So if you know of any American made wallets that we missed, leave a comment below or shoot us an email so we can continue to add to the list!

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