Our top 3 picks for bison leather wallets made in USA.

If you’re in search of a truly exceptional accessory that blends rugged charm with American heritage, allow me to introduce you to the world of American made bison leather wallets. In this post, we’ll explore the beauty, durability and heritage of American bison leather and give your our three favorite brands that make their bison wallets in the USA.

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The bison, a symbol of American heritage.

There are few animals that embody American history and heritage as much as the majestic bison. Embodying strength, resilience, and a deep connection to the land, they’ve been revered by American Indian cultures for centuries as a sacred and spiritual animal, the bison holds a significant place in the history of the United States.

Once seen in massive herds throughout the Great Plains, these massive creatures played a vital role in the lives of Indigenous peoples and early settlers alike. Despite facing near extinction, efforts to conserve and restore the bison population have become a testament to America’s commitment to preserving its natural legacy.

Why use American bison leather?

American bison leather boasts a range of distinct advantages and features over traditional cowhide. Its remarkable durability, achieved because of the bison’s thick hide, ensures longevity and resilience in everyday use, while its natural grain pattern and unique texture gives each piece a one-of-a-kind appeal. Additionally, bison leather is remarkably soft and supple, offering a luxurious touch while retaining its rugged charm.

Buying products made from bison leather is also a sustainable choice, as it supports conservation efforts to preserve and restore bison populations across the USA. Handling a piece of American bison leather is like embracing a piece of American history and the spirit of the Old West.

Our favorite brands making bison leather wallets in the USA.

There are quite a few wallet manufacturers left in the USA, but we wanted to pick the ones that offer the most value when it comes to bison leather wallets. So to decide which brands should be on our list, we looked at three things:

  • The size and variety of their bison leather collection
  • The quality of their craftsmanship
  • The origin of their leather, with extra points if it’s tanned in the USA.

When taking these criteria into account, we believe the brands below are your best options when it comes to American made bison wallets. Because they each have their own strengths and what style you prefer is ultimately up to you, we’ve ranked them alphabetically. Hopefully you’ll see something you like!

Buffalo Billfold Company: biggest selection of bison wallets made in USA.

Their name pretty much says it all; the Buffalo Billfold Company makes all their wallets in the USA from full grain bison leather which is sourced from American prairies and tanneries.

They have been making wallets out of their workshop in Minnesota since 1972, so you can be sure that your wallet is made by experienced hands. They also offer more than just traditional bifold wallets. If you’ll look through their collection you’ll find coin purses, card cases, women’s clutches and more.

Colonel Littleton: wallets with the spirit of the Old West.

If there’s one brand that embodies the Old West as much as American bison leather, it’s Colonel Littleton. Both the Colonel himself and his classic Americana designs exude the spirit of an age in US history where the buffaloes still roamed the plains.

All their bison leather wallets are made in the USA by the Colonel and his team in the small town of Lynnville, Tennessee using exclusively use US-sourced leathers. So you can be sure your wallet is made with American materials and offered to you by people who live according to the old American values of hard work and decency.

Rogue Industries: bison leather front pocket wallets.

As their favorite leather to work with, Rogue Industries offers classic bifolds, checkbook covers and card cases made from American bison leather.

But what really sets them apart is their patented front-pocket wallet designs, available in both brown and black bison leather. They’re great for when you’re sitting or driving and it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting on a deck of cards the whole time. In addition, all Rogue’s front pocket wallets are RFID-blocking and offer plenty of storage space.

All Rogue bison wallets are made in the USA, but be aware that they sell some imported items too, so check the product page for made in USA or Made in Maine.

Any American made bison wallets you want us to include?

While there are some other companies out there that offer bison leather wallets made in the USA, those listed above offer, in our opinion, the best collections out there.

That said, if there’s a brand you really like that we didn’t mention and you think should be on the list, be sure to let us know!

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